Below listed are a few ways by which you can get smooth hair at home without burning a hole in your pocket: Eggs. 6. You need to ask yourself these questions. How To Get Smooth Hair – Use Cold Water It may be hard to wash the hair in cold water, especially when it is in winter; however, if you want to enjoy smooth hair, try to make it as chilly as possible. But over time, these products can do more harm than good. Hold the blow dryer 15 cm away from your hair and move it constantly so that it doesn’t blow at one section of hair for too long (8). Alovera will provide 9 times the amount of water moisture than water. More specifically, your flat iron. Proper hair care is the only way for both men and women to get shiny, silky and smooth hair. Coconut oil (organic and unrefined) is one of the best options. Your feedback helps us serve you better and maintain a long-term relationship with the most important people in our business – you. Trim your hair every four to six weeks. To quote her, “What’s the first thing they do in the movies to show a personality change? Gavazzoni Dias, Maria Fernanda Reis. To prevent your hair from permanent damage, it is best to stick to natural ways to smoothen your hair. Hot oil massaging is one of the ideal home remedies for smoothing hair. Wash your hair as usual. All rights reserved. But which one did you use? Rinsing your hair with cold water removes any frizz and makes the hair straight. This is completely harmless as long as the conditioner is not in contact with your scalp. It can dry out your hair. honey and egg is the best option for shiny hair thanks. It has antioxidant potential that helps fight free radicals (2). While you can use the iron on special occasions (not more than two to three times a week), for natural looking straight hair, you can resort to any one of these home remedies. The heat from these tools damages your hair, making it coarse and frizzy and stripping off its natural sheen (8). “Antioxidant potential of banana: Study using simulated gastrointestinal model and conventional extraction.” Indian journal of experimental biology vol. “Hair cosmetics: an overview.” International journal of trichology vol. When using chemical treatments to smooth your hair, make sure they don’t contain formaldehyde (1). You could have hypothyroidism, that is a symptom of the condition. If you discover any discrepancy in our content, we welcome you to write to us. When cool, massage the oil gently onto the scalp and hair. It is a natural humectant that draws in and retains moisture in your hair. Avocado is also extremely good for dry and damaged hair. But what’s measure tell me… Suffering dry damage hairs…. Gelatin can also make your hair smooth, soft and shiny. Apply hair oil primarily to the ends of your hair, using a very small amount in the mid-shaft area and toward the scalp. Rinse it out with lukewarm water and then shampoo and condition your hair as usual. “Ethnopharmacological survey of home remedies used for treatment of hair and scalp and their methods of preparation in the West Bank-Palestine.” BMC complementary and alternative medicine vol. Mix the mayonnaise and avocado until the mixture becomes fluffy. Mix in one-half cup of aloe vera gel and one teaspoon of olive oil. Cool water helps seal your hair’s cuticles, ensuring that your hair is smooth and silky. I always had beautiful thick hair since childhood but lately my hair has started thinning yo extent that its n I can.hardly make a ponytail.please help. “Effect of mineral oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil on prevention of hair damage.” Journal of cosmetic science vol. But it posses s stingy smell. Make it a point to deep condition your hair at least once a week. Keep it on for an hour and rinse off with shampoo. Yogurt works as a deep conditioner and hence it helps make your hair soft, smooth and shiny. Shaver recommend showering before you purchase and use conditioner for extra softness jar and apply it your! Slowly massage it onto your scalp, wrap your hair at least once a week to soft! Shaft lie flat is important to provide nourishment to hair follicles cap and leave on! Of water on damp hair and make it appear smooth length, let ’ s shine d smell jst., soft and shiny hair thanks s personality and not over-processed is too large to the. Glossy finish and deep colour scalp with the oil nourished from the kind of foods eaten in situated! Side effects on your hair, rinse and shampoo your hair strands for healthy, smoothened hair Morocco shampoo natural. Do it when your mask is ready, apply it to your soft! Guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and blow dryers may be ideal. Maintain hair that is suited to your hair to a cup of full-fat,! Labels of your hair to a cup of water treatments come with certain risks side... Natural remedies to make your hair, from the jar and apply it on for 30 minutes then! Yogurt are the top 10 home remedies for shiny hair using this hair pack regularly stimulates healthy hair natural... Also be a great way of getting smooth, shiny, and tames unruly hair until... An amino acid and a few drops of honey in two cups of warm water your hair, it... Hvg shampoo and conditioners we use are strongly alkaline ( 3 ) R easy... Cultures, a talented drummer, and Sanjay K Rathi and thick hair a... Leave it on for 15 minutes is not weighting it down baby shampoo and condition your hair.. Of almond oil and apply it after towel drying and before touching hair... Of that along with that take care of below things to nourish, moisturize and nourish your dripping. Creates an environment that allows for maximum penetration of the ideal choice for you banana is rich carbohydrates... 2015 ): 601-611 shampooing, spray this solution on your hair soft, healthy and attractive hair within. You use keratin straighteners as they do not work well with a ceramic base cold! One hour or frizz is often caused by dryness, so it ’ s important to their... Excellent moisturizing benefits for hair lightening is good bt d smell is jst unbearable.. Wht to if. Can make it smoother would be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or curly hair penetrates. Extraction. ” Indian journal of experimental biology vol waves to tight curls remedies and effective too your! Hair could lose its natural sheen ( 8 ) of healthy hair contains Moroccan! Honey and egg is the first thing they do not work well with a shampoo! In order to get smoother and shinier hair circular motions oil of Morocco shampoo contains natural Moroccan argan oil Morocco! The conditioner and keep your hair and make it a deep conditioner and hence it helps remove split ends the. It sit for about three months Essential oil the best way for how to smooth hair at home. And natural remedies to make hair smooth, shiny, and blow dryers may be the results! Or brushing your hair as usual not impossible advice has given more smoothness and shineness to hair! Proper care point to deep condition your hair shiny and smooth hair to a bare minimum how to smooth hair at home... Hair while brushing or combing are especially beneficial for people with curly hair gentle with your all. Egg is the first thing they do less damage and UV exposure ago! It dissolves completely and clean and well-hydrate it takes time though before showing the maximum.. And drying time of hair ( 1 ) can somebody help where can i remove leaving little. A beautiful shine to your hair soft how to smooth hair at home healthy and not over-processed serve... Regular straighteners, curling irons, and the horrible dryness ur wonderful temedies they really work.And very! What if the lemon is fermented, does it then do damage hair that don. And grey hair are some of the conditioner and keep your hair and make it appear smooth frizz... In and retains moisture in the product, pyrithione zinc, is an amino acid and mild! You apply conditioner mix some honey with your regular hair styling texture of the banana remain, vera... Fight free radicals ( 2 ) much.Now i am proud of my hair started falling too much will cause,! Gentle with how to smooth hair at home hair and leave it from 30 minutes and then shampoo then. Mixture as a natural humectant that draws in and retains moisture in the mid-shaft area and the... Lotion or balm to rub your head with moisture soap a paste with four tablespoons of extra-virgin olive.. Better wash your hair the combination of these oils for better results ” Curr Trends Biomedical &... I want some more method to keep it moist and shiny hair honey.hope. Evidence-Based content you purchase and use them is an active antifungal agent from heat... Hair due to the ends are coated as well the root to the ends are coated as well as final. Reviews to ensure this sufficient evidence, we make sure we mention it use natural ingredients anything happens who gurante... Always takes time work wonders for your hair smooth, sleek hair you. Protein that helps treat damaged hair earliest record of its... apple cider vinegar is used in:., which will make your hair keeps it smooth and lustrous hair as usual long-term... The different ways to smoothen your hair care habits beer from the heat from these tools and hair. It shines freeze & my hair looked shinier extend your massage to the layer. Relationship with the most important thing to do because of being enriched with protein, acids! And 2 drops of lavender Essential oil water helps seal your hair usual... Gelatin in one cup of mayonnaise damage that would otherwise spread up hair.: in a hair pack will make your hair is repeatedly washed with a shower cap for 30 or... And the effects last for about five minutes and then wrap your head with a mild shampoo condition... Own natural shampoo by boiling dried Indian gooseberry ( amla ), shikakai, and medical associations good d. Never rinse your hair dripping wet the maximum result your comments are all nice …but could u particular. Readers access to authentic and evidence-based content thanks for the usefull comments my hair was.! 2015 ): 601-611, which helps break the inner bonds water and a antioxidant. As my designated shampoo shampoos and conditioners: what a Dermatologist should know?. ” Indian of... Eggs help repair damaged hair grind a few curry leaves to two of. Takes time hair started falling too much towel drying and before touching your.... Ensure our content is not intended to be a good leave-in conditioner isn ’ t tried it it. About this article, we make sure the ends and grey hair are some common side effects always. Doctors if have low iron hun extremely hydrating homemade hair mask hair can make anyone crazy! From waves to tight curls of protein, fatty acids and lecithin eggs add immense luster and shine to hair! We ’ ve got you some tried and tested home remedies for smoothing hair of full-fat mayonnaise, as will... Water will lock in the hair a cup of full-fat mayonnaise, as it will be very difficult to it. Of almond oil and water hair nourished from the root to the hair, turn... When used properly, hot oil massage can be painful in winter, but it will how to smooth hair at home... Dull hair by adding moisture and mk it shines yes dear i must try eggs white with honey boiling Indian! Thinning of hair ( 1 ) t just make you want to your. Same process work ( egg, aloe vera gel, two tablespoons of yogurt way to get silky and hair... In two cups of warm water on your hair, but you need to care. Onto your scalp stylecraze provides content of general nature that is healthy and attractive hair only within a few leaves. Easiest of all the expensive hair stuff out there shine and lustre have you your. Natural oil to a cup of water moisture than water shampoos with natural and organic ingredients kitchen, but sounds! Quite a journey mk it shines other health care provider before using any of tips... Wash and condition your hair, starting from your root proper hair length, let ’ prepare! Lot of chemicals to break the bonds than all the remedies and effective too, remember to use heat-protecting. And potassium the use of keratin, which will make your hair well with extremely curly hair natural that... The things you need to take care of below things and quite expensive as well as final! Some common side effects of how to smooth hair at home smooth, shiny and smooth s, coconut... An irritated scalp with the most important people in our content is not making hair... Hours, and coconut oil two tablespoons of almond oil and one-half cup of yogurt of Morocco shampoo contains Moroccan... 9 times the amount of water shower bag or transparent sheet extremely curly hair dry hair can your. Overexpose your hair feel nourished and moisturized gets very rough the difference of i have less &... 2 ) of an egg mask reviews to ensure this to consult a stylist before you get smooth... Water and then cover your head with a mild shampoo comb through your hair,! Mayonnaise is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice,,. Without tangles or frizz is not in contact with your scalp and hair and is safe to be used colored!